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Bluearth's Active Schools Program is a provider of Sporting Schools

About Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is a $280 million Australian Government initiative implemented by Sport Australia. It's purpose is to help schools increase the participation levels of children in sport, and to connect children with community sporting opportunities.

You can select the Bluearth Active Schools Program for your school by choosing Baseball from the list of NSO’s and then nominating Bluearth as the provider. Baseball is a sport with a multitude of benefits, which we deliver through the Sporting Schools initiative and our Bluearth Active Schools Program. The teamwork and fundamental movements of this sport (throwing, catching, hitting and hand-eye coordination) help enhance physical, psychological, social and cognitive skills.

How to Apply and Book Bluearth

To apply for the Sporting Schools initiative, follow these simple steps. Once you've done this, log into your account and request Bluearth as your preferred provider.

  • 18 full days face to face coaching over four school terms
  • 5 classes per day, coached alongside their regular their teacher
  • 18 recorded sessions for distribution across the whole school
  • Teacher Professional Development and Accreditation Working within school timetable
  • Teacher workshops
  • Whole school events
  • Web-based resources

Thank You for Choosing Bluearth

We're thrilled that you've requested Bluearth as your Sporting Schools provider. We look forward to helping students move more and move well at your school!

Need Some Assistance?

If you need a hand with your application, please get in touch with our team.

Looking for Resources?

In our Resource Centre you will find information and diagrams that will enhance your understanding of the key elements of our program, including the benefits of each activity, advice for beginners and suggestions to increase an activities’ challenge.

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