5 years ago there is no way this would have been a blog topic but with the rapid adoption rates of smart phones and tablet devices coupled with millions of apps that are readily available, it is now in the top 5 parenting discussion topics for toddlers.

Our daughter Amelia is almost 2 years old. I co-own a digital agency so consider myself digital-friendly and obviously have all the relevant technology available, both at home and in the office. Balancing the demands of my business along with parenting a robust, tenacious and damn exciting 2 year old, comes with its challenges. Time is a rare commodity and Monday to Friday most hours of my day are meticulously planned.

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Being a mum of three young boys and finding the time to exercise is often a challenge that feels more like a pipedream – until you find a way to make it work, and you really can! For me, I decided early on that parenthood wasn’t going to signal the end of my passion for being active and I set out to make it a priority as it always has been, for both me and my family.

In reality I find it no different from when I had my first child to now being a mother of three – finding time to exercise is hard and you need to get organised. You need to ensure that your children are being looked after and work around ever-shifting school and work commitments, but the good news is that it can be done.

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My daughter Justine taught me a really important lesson recently and it was one that I didn’t see coming, to be perfectly honest. Yet it has stayed with me in the days and weeks since.

Justine has developed a love of tennis, accompanied by an undeniable enthusiasm for the game which sees her up and out of bed early on the weekends and dressed to head down to the local tennis courts. Having coached Olympians and worked with many sportspeople at the international level, I can categorically say it had nothing to do with me, and if anything was in spite of me.

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My son is now 11 years old and does most things at a lightning fast pace these days; it’s truly astonishing just how much energy he has. So naturally I didn’t think much of it when he came charging through the back door on Sunday, out of breath but excited to share his latest conquests with me. He was so pumped I actually thought he might explode with excitement.

He told me that he and a boy who lives in the same street had managed to walk along the top of the fence line, jump off and roll; “it’s called a parkour roll mum” he excitedly said.

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