Our Story …So Far

Founded by Malcolm Freake OAM in 2000, we have brought the joy and power of movement to well over

  • 280,000 school students
  • 4.400 teachers and
  • 1000 different schools across Australia.

And we are continuing to build the movement “movement”. People who recognise and value active living and creating active communities.

Malcolm Freake OAM is a success in both his personal life and in business, and it is something that he attributes to his unwavering passion for active living. Growing up as a keen footballer and surf lifesaver, it was Malcolm’s positive experience of being active at a young age that later allowed him to appreciate and reflect upon the many lifelong positive impacts of an active lifestyle – confidence, resilience, determination, self-awareness and general good health.

Inspired by this simple philosophy, the Freake Family Trust founded Bluearth in 2000 bringing together experts in the fields of Human Movement, Education, Psychology, Elite Sport and Health with one aim – to promote and educate every Australian about the joy of movement. Malcolm Freake realised that the greatest long term benefit to any individual’s health and wellbeing could be achieved by influencing their critical habits, attitudes and behaviours at any early stage and as a result Bluearth set about working with schools to bring positive active experiences to children.

In a very short time, the results of the Bluearth program clearly demonstrated many health, social and behavioural benefits to schoolchildren. With growing interest from schools across the country, Bluearth became a national entity in 2005. During this time the team realised that to build capacity in schools there needed to be an up-skilling in teacher delivery of activity and the Professional Learning Program was developed.

In 2006, a partnership with Catholic Education WA introduced Bluearth into remote Kimberley communities and work in the Northern Territory commenced soon after. Recognising the increased level of health and educational disadvantage in indigenous communities, Bluearth is committed to using physical activity to improve outcomes in these communities.

From one simple idea and humble beginnings, nurtured by the passion of one family, Bluearth has grown and now supports active living across diverse communities in Australia. Bluearth continues to work in schools but also recognises the importance of parents and families in creating active lives.

We work both delivering our own programs and with partners providing information, training and also advocating for a greater focus on physical activity for the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the nation.

Our approach at Bluearth is embedded in our name; it reminds the importance of reflection, of stepping back to see what is important. It is only when we step back that we can take in the big picture. It’s only then we see the earth is blue. We continue to encourage children and adults alike to be active, to reflect, to learn and to enjoy.