Move More Sit Less

Physical inactivity and prolonged sitting are directly linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Organisations that implement health and wellbeing strategies can reduce their employees’ health risk factors by up to 56%. Moving more and sitting less also leads to happier, more productive employees. Studies have shown productivity rates increase by up to 50% if employees stand for at least part of their work day.

Join the Move More Sit Less Workplace Movement Evolution on November 23 and learn how to make change for better employee health, wellness and productivity.

Register for this unique, movement-based forum and hear from speakers who are experts in the fields of research and implementing a Move More culture into their workplace. Speakers include:

  • Stuart Biddle, Professor of Physical Activity & Health, University of Southern Qld
  • Dr Jeff Simons, Professor of Kinesiology, California State University
  • Chris Rabba, Executive General Manager, The Wellness Architects, Board Member, Workplace Health Association Australia
  • David Hall, Australian Physiotherapy Assoc
  • Jerril Rechter, CEO, VicHealth
  • Olly Bridge, Head of Health & Wellbeing, Medibank Private

Visit the Move More Sit Less website to register or for more information.

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