LOOK (Lifestyle Of Our Kids)

Bluearth Foundation has a long standing commitment to evidence based practice and continuous improvement. From 2006-2009 Bluearth participated in the Australian National University (ANU) LOOK project (Lifestyles Of Our Kids). The study was led by Professor Richard (Dick) Telford of the ANU Medical School.

The objective of this longitudinal project was to compare the effect of the Bluearth Program with current practice Physical Education delivered by non-specialist classroom teachers. Approximately 800 students participated in the project from 28 schools in the ACT over a four year period. Half of the students were in the Bluearth control group and the other half participated in current practice physical education as usual.

Measurements were made in:

  1. Height, weight and body fat.
  2. Standardised ACT Territory and National NAPLAN numeracy and literacy tests.
  3. Physical activity using pedometers over the course of a week and physical fitness through a standardised shuttle run.

Results have been peer reviewed and published in the American Journal of Public Health and other leading journals. The results demonstrated that the Bluearth program had a positive impact on:

  1. Physical health including reduced increased in body fat, improved insulin resistance and reduced the incidence of elevated blood lipids.
  2. Academic performance – improved NAPLAN results for numeracy and writing.

Further follow up on students who participated in the LOOK study is continuing. As research is published, it will be available here.

Look Reports: