Hike 4 Kids Health 2017

Challenge yourself on one of Australia’s premier, scenic walking tracks, the Larapinta Trail to show that you want all Aussie kids to have the best start in life.

Six out of ten Aboriginal children are vulnerable in at least one of the Australian Early Developmental Domains, compared to the national average of one in five. This is an unacceptable statistic that Bluearth is working to address. Vulnerability in the developmental domains impacts on children’s cognitive development, school readiness and general health and wellbeing. It’s a daily challenge to close this gap. There is clear evidence that shows physical activity can assist in all developmental domains, as regular exercise is known to improve overall health and wellbeing, including social and emotional health as well as developing healthy habits for life.

What better way to promote physical activity than to take part in Bluearth’s Hike 4 Kids Health? The Larapinta Trail stretches 223 kilometres along the backbone of the McDonnell Ranges. Discover the beauty of Central Australia; the mountains, valleys, rivers and deserts of our Red Centre. Learn about Australia’s unique Indigenous culture from local guides on traditional lands.

The funds you raise on this challenge will be directed into our Indigenous community programs in Central Australia and the East Kimberley. We work with early childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers to provide children with the skills and confidence to develop their students’ physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

We want to expand our work to the whole community. Your fundraising efforts will allow us to train Indigenous physical activity leaders to engage and work with their communities to increase levels of physical activity across all generations.

Join Bluearth on the Hike 4 Kids Health in 2017. Every step you take will create a healthy future for these vulnerable children.

For more information go to the Bluearth Hike 4 Kids Health website or contact Inspired Adventures on 1300 905 188.