Curriculum Maps

The Bluearth Approach has been mapped to each of the Content Descriptions for each year Level of the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Activity. This allows Principals to provide the required HPE curriculum to students whilst also enjoying the benefits of having the Bluearth Approach in the school.

The Victorian Curriculum for HPE and the Western Australian Curriculum for HPE are very closely related to the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Activity. As the NSW curriculum is currently under review the latest mapping can be found below.

In addition to supporting schools to deliver HPE curriculum learning outcomes, Bluearth also supports schools within the Health Promoting Schools Framework to use movement as a learning tool across all curriculum areas and in particular supports the General capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy, ICT capability, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding and Intercultural understanding.

Bluearth also assist schools to create a Move More Sit Less culture, contributing to student and teacher overall health and wellbeing and improved educational outcomes.

Curriculum Maps: