Active Schools Programs

Schools are the foundation of a child’s development years. We understand the importance of providing a positive experience between teacher and student, of connection to school to achieve the best possible outcomes for a child in their physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The approach in our activity sessions is directly transferable to the classroom.

We support learning through a process of reflection and review, resulting in increased awareness, personal growth and development.

The exploration, discovery and reflection process has been particularly successful in achieving positive benefits in areas of disadvantage; low socio-economic populations, rural and remote settings and regions with high indigenous populations.

Through activity we encourage and develop self efficacy, self respect, respect for others and a willingness to learn and explore and push ourselves outside our conform zone.

We are evidence based

Through published research, the Bluearth program has been proven to not only assist in reducing age related body fat in primary school children, but also improves NAPLAN results.

Bluearth’s activities have been specifically designed to enhance left/right brain development which helps to develop numeracy and literacy competency in the classroom. The program helps build school capacity to improve behavioural management and develop positive lifelong habits of posture, function, self-efficacy and self awareness.

Here is what Bluearth can do for your School?

We have a variety of programs that can be tailored into a school’s curriculum to build capacity within the school to improve the health and wellbeing of children. Bluearth is currently building healthy active school communities in 178 schools across the country.

Children love the sessions and look forward to each session. They talk about it in class lessons. It has given our teachers better confidence in delivery, better relationships with their students, more physical activity with their class and improved attitudes to health and wellbeing. Bluearth has provided us with a wonderful program to supplement and strengthen existing programs.
Hamlyn Banks Primary School


St Rita P.S.

Coolbinia P.S.


St Anthony P.S.

To find out more about how you can implement our programs into your health and wellbeing curriculum, please contact our National Operations Manager at [email protected] or 1300 784 467.