This resource centre is designed to support teacher training and development, and assist in the sustainability of the Bluearth program in schools.

You will find information, diagrams and video on the key elements of the program that will enhance your understanding and delivery. Each page has a drop down menu that contains information on the benefits of that particular activity, advice for beginners, suggestions to increase the challenge, and tips on what to look for from a coaching perspective. This information will assist you to choose appropriate activities to match the learning intention you have for each session.

In designing a session we need to pay attention to the spectrum of experience we would want for our group. Balancing high energy activity with some of the more subtle aspects, group activity contrasted with individual challenges and partner work, providing opportunities for free exploration alongside the development of a specific skill and so on. Our tendency is often to stick with the familiar and comfortable - it is important that we accept the challenge and be prepared to explore the unknown.

The Bluearth activities and postures that are currently described represent a broad cross section of activity through which the fundamental elements of the program can be explored. Sessions are inclusive and largely non competitive - with the focus being on each individuals experience during that session. Providing the opportunity to give and receive feedback is an important aspect of any session - encouraging participants to reflect on their participation and notice what happened for them - this is where significant learning can take place.

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Core Movement and the other subtle elements are significant in the facilitation of this self discovery - attention to balance, alignment and breath helps bring awareness within and allows self learning and discovery to emerge.

Using this resource as an adjunct to your coach visits, the Bluearth Manual and workshops will enable you to continually grow and develop your delivery.

We encourage you to provide feedback on the Teacher Resource Centre and help us to maintain it as a dynamic and important part of your Bluearth journey. Please email or call us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy your journey.

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