Here at Bluearth, we make a difference to the lives of thousands of Aussie school kids every day. Our team are truly devoted to active living, working with over 170 school communities this year, to build a healthier Australia one step at a time.


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This June, let your tax dollars invest in a
healthier and happier future for our kids.
We are building healthy active communities
across Australia and we are asking for your

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The Teacher Resource Centre has been designed to support teacher training and development and assist in the sustainability of the Bluearth program in schools.


VIDEO: Rotated Triangle

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Begin in mountain pose. Bring your fingers together in front of your chest, bend knees and jump arms and feet wide to a 'star' shape. Establish this shape with feet both facing forwards, even balance and a long spine.

Turn your right foot 90 degrees and rotate your leg to the right. This is now your front foot. Turn your left foot in 45 degrees to help you achieve this and keep both legs straight.

Rotate your hips and shoulders to the right so they become square to your front foot. Locate your hips and place your hands on them.

Exhale and fold from your hips over your right foot while taking your opposite hand (left) to the inside of your right foot.

At the same time take your right hand towards the sky so that your arm is vertical and in line with your shoulder. Energetically take your arms to infinity and open up your chest. Aim to maintain length through your spine both length and widthways...more

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